Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why is our society so Overweight and Sick??

In “What you don’t know may be Killing You” by Don Colbert, M.D., discovered there are over 3000 chemicals and 10,000 solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives in our food.

According to the World Book Encyclopedia, more than 2.4 billion pounds of air pollution went into that air in the U.S alone…and it has only gotten worse.

I share these facts with you to show you that the results of all these documented chemical impurities has been that the filters of the body get filled and cannot function properly!
Help your body by using the Isagenix products that will cleanse and detox all these impurities that are plugging up your system. You may be experiencing the symptoms and not even be aware are the warning signs of toxicity!

Everyone needs to be toxic-free...this is why building a business with Isagenix products is so easy - and crucial to our society's health.

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