Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would you survive tomorrow if you Lost your JOB?

Believe me – I don’t wish that on you at all! The Network Marketing business is booming while the rest of the economy is faltering – this is why so many are starting to take a serious look – and jump in to a Home business such as Isagenix.
Here’s an interesting quote from Robert Kiyosaki , “Wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living.”

Expenses = $4,000/month
Savings = $12,000
WEALTH = 3 months or 90 days

Your goal should be to develop a Residual Income that is greater than your monthly expenses…can you see that happening with your current situation? The worse thing you could do – is keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

What’s Residual Income, some may ask? This is when you get paid each and every week whether you get out of bed, or not.
To earn $200 per month from savings at 5% interest, you would need $48,000 to be invested…how long would it take you to save $48,000?
Again, only you would know in your current situation, but have we got a plan for you with Isagenix! We have a leading-edge Compensation plan that will flourish easily – no breakage to infinity.

I can lead you to the wealth you’ve longed for, worked so hard for – it has eluded you long enough. Take some action in the right direction, learn from my experience and heart-aches from the past 9 years -

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I’ll be waiting for you…

Have a fabulous day,
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