Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why we all need the Isagenix Cleansing Products

Your body is the miracle for strengthening your Immune System and helping to fight off illness and disease.

This is why we need Isagenix for life:

* Our soil is deficient in nutrients * Fruits and vegetables are deficient in minerals
* We eat the wrong kind of food
* Our bodies are bankrupt and need nourishing
* Antioxidents are needed to keep combat free radical damage
* We CAN NOT get enough nutrients from our food
* With all the chemicals and toxins on our environment we must Cleanse, replenish and Revitalize for a lifetime

Let me give you just ONE example of not only the nutritional benefit of the Isagenix products, but the savings as well.

The Total Health and Wellness System would be $6.99/day, which is a savings equal to $564/year! (if purchased monthly for example)

If you want to see more of what the 30 Day System is all about, go to my site then contact me!

I’ll be waiting for you…

Visit www.TheBestCleanseSystem.net to get all the details.

Have a fabulous day,

Isabel Gelo C.,
Isagenix Independent Product Consultant
Email: Isabel@workfromhome4parents.com
SKYPE: paradigmwealthsystem
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